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The members who complete our team of directors.

Sylvain Pelletier, Chief Executive Officer 

In 1987, Sylvain earned his degree in electrical engineering. He began his career as an electrical estimator and, in 2004, became the General Manager at Gastier. He held this position until the company’s sale in 2009. It was at this point that Sylvain had the idea to establish MécanicAction. 

An entrepreneur at heart and always on the lookout for opportunities, Sylvain founded several businesses over the years. He stands out for his keen observation skills, business acumen, and managerial courage. These qualities have made him the entrepreneur he is today. His greatest motivation is teamwork to successfully complete projects.

Jean-Yves St-Louis, Vice President and Project Director 

Jean-Yves entered the construction world alongside Sylvain Pelletier. He started his career in estimation and gradually moved into project management. In 2012, he joined the MécanicAction team as a project manager and estimation manager. With his remarkable skills, Jean-Yves worked on large-scale projects in the commercial, institutional, and light industrial sectors. Determined, he climbed the ranks to become Vice President, partner, and project director in 2019. 

A graduate of the G12 Emergence cohort from the Beauce Entrepreneurship School, Jean-Yves proves to be a natural leader. He is recognized for his positivity, dynamism, and attentiveness. The progress, evolution, and motivation of his employees are key indicators of success.

Régis Pelletier, Service Director 

With over 36 years of experience in coordinating and dispatching service calls, Régis is a trustworthy individual with exceptional customer service skills. His role is to respond effectively to customer demands while adhering to quality standards internally and with our clients. He also oversees all the requests we receive. 

With a focus on customer relations, Régis ensures that clients are satisfied with the service they receive and strives for their loyalty. His main goal is to make MécanicAction stand out in the maintenance and service call market. To achieve this, he leverages the strengths and weaknesses of employees by allocating resources based on needs. His greatest motivation: employing people and working for the community. “If I employ 60 people, I will support 60 families.”

Mylène Major, Administrative Director 

Graduated in human resources management from the university in 2011, Mylène continued her studies to specialize in corporate financial accounting. Early in her career, she developed a LEAN system and implemented procedures, work instructions, and quantitative measures of employee performance in the industrial sector. She later held human resources leadership positions, where she developed HR departments from scratch and integrated payroll and ERP systems. 

Mylène is currently the administrative director at MécanicAction. She utilized her skills by implementing the Maestro system. She is also responsible for finances, human resources, improvement processes, and administrative procedures for the company.

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